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The Craftwood Inn Restaurant located in historic Manitou Springs, stands at the base of our beautiful Colorado Mountains. Entrees include Colorado Wild Game prepared in the Chef's secret sauces, Vegetarian Tapas, Chilled Salads, homemade warm soups, and fresh baked breads. Whether you are looking for an evening out with your significant other or trying to decide on a location for your special occasion, give us a call, at the Craftwood Inn Restaurant you won't be disappointed

During extensive renovation of The Craftwood Inn in the summer of 1988, a secret room was discovered in the attic. Behind a door that looked more like a wall were artifacts from the past that revealed a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Engravings, old photographic plates, metal works and a mirror reflected a time in Colorado few know about.

Built in 1912, it stands today as a symbol of a different type of pioneer. While most think early Colorado was filed cowboys, cavalry, Indians, trappers, traders and miners; there was another pioneer spirit whose ghost still walks the streets of Manitou Springs. It was the artist and the craftsman who also came to Colorado seeking freedom and creativity in a natural setting.

Craftwood Inn Restaurant
404 El Paso Blvd., Manitou Springs (719) 685-9000

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